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The Greek word "Nikteritha" means "bat" in English

The Nikteritha Coffee shop staff on the opening night

The friendly staff at the Nikteritha Coffee Shop, Makriotika

The Nikteritha coffee shop on it's opening night - 26.05.07

Preparations for the official opening of the new look Nikteritha - 26th May 2007

The Mayor of Pylaros making a speech during the opening ceremony.

The new look Nikteritha is officially opened by the Mayor of Pylaros - 26th May 2007

Picture of the map of Pylaros which is to be found in the square at Makriotika by the Nikteritha

The map of Pylaros situated in the square outside the Nikteritha Coffee Shop, showing the location of the village of Makriotika within the Pylaros Valley


The Nikteritha Coffee Shop in the traditional Greek village of Makriotika, close to Agia Efimia, officially re-opened with it's new look on Saturday 26th May 2007.

The coffee shop has been welcomed by many of the villagers, together with a number of holiday makers who have chanced upon it whilst exploring the area. The Nikteritha fulfills it's role as a popular meeting place for the locals, both in the morning, where they gather for coffee and breakfast or a light snack, and during the evening when the attractive village square, bedecked with chairs, tables and parasols, becomes the focal point of the village especially on warm summer evenings when it is buzzing with activity.

Picture of the Maklithari square in Makriotika

The village square in Makriotika, opposite the Nikteritha

Because of the Greek hospitable nature and a tendency towards a "Cafe Culture" some of the local residents who can speak English are only too happy to sit and chat to holiday makers telling them about their village and it's history. Some accounts and perspectives may vary slightly according to which family they belong, but overall the warm happy Greek nature will always come through. Just don't talk politics!!!!

Picture of the Maklithari square in Makriotika

The outside seating area of the Nikteritha in the village square

Early in 1930 the Nikteritha was one of many coffee shops operating in the village of Makriotika. At that time, Pylaros had a population of about 4,500 people and was pulsing with life. There were four primary schools and every church had a resident priest. It's windmills and olive presses worked full time. Of course, there were the ever present coffee and grocery shops where you had your hair cut, picked up your mail and newspapers, placed your order with the "trader" for things you wanted brought in from Argostoli, Patras or Athens, and then collected them a few days later.

Picture of an earthquake victim following the 1953 earthquake in Kefalonia

A victim of the 1953 earthquake located not far from the Nikteritha.

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